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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Farewell summer

Summer has well and truly finished. We lit the fire the other day and it's getting down to about 7 degrees C overnight. All the leaves are turning and dropping everywhere. Lots of raking to do!

We got another puppy last week. He's a handful but lots of fun. I miss my Little Man but this little Bobtail should be great when he grows up. I have been collecting firewood today. Lyndon has been chainsawing all the branches and trees that have fallen over the summer and I wheelbarrow them over to the house. We go through at least half a barrow a day depending on how open I have the vent. It gets shut down when we go to bed and in the morning you just open it up away it goes! It's a lovely warmth, different to ducted heating or reverse cycle.

We had the floors done while we were away and they look great. Lyndon has been painting the lounge room and I have been filling and sanding. The preparation is very tedious but worthwhile. I can't wait for it to be finished. The new sofa and rug look fabulous too! C x

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter holidays

Hello. Sad news, Little Man Basil died. The night we left for Coffs Harbour. We took him to the vet and a friend was going to collect him a couple of days later but he died. I was devastated and cried for days. Not a good start to the holidays. We should have taken him to the vet earlier. We are pretty sure he ate mouse bait. One of life's lessons learnt.

The Easter weekend was spent "Jeeping" around Coffs Harbour which was quite fun. Photo above is a convoy heading out on a trip. We are in Moonee Beach now which is lovely. Here for another few days and then heading home via Tamworth, Mudgee, Bathurst.....