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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Winter lemons

I made lemon slice today. Our lovely lemon tree is brimming with fruit so I had to make something! I found the recipe on this great website.

We crutched some of last years lambs this morning. They are now off in their own paddock as the ewes are lambing. We have about 15 little ones teetering around with lots more to come. It has been really cold lately and today we've had a few blustery showers of rain. I don't know how the little things survive! Brrr.... Time for a cuppa and some slice! Cheerio, C x

Friday, June 4, 2010

Winter flowers

These beautiful flowers are from a huge gum tree just near our BBQ area. It's about 55ft tall and big droopy branches. It got attacked by some bad bug a few years ago that ate heaps of it's leaves but as you can see it's pretty healthy now, thank goodness.

I have had a busy week. Lots of little bits and pieces to do so although I've been really busy I feel I have not achieved much! Some of the jobs I wanted to do did'nt get done. In particular I really wanted to get some sanding in the living room done. Oh well, hopefully next week!

L and I are off to Melbourne tomorrow. It was his birthday on Wednesday and we're having a little treat. Dinner at my sister Julie's place (yum, she's a great cook!), visit a mate of L's and do a little shopping. Yay! :) C x