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Friday, June 4, 2010

Winter flowers

These beautiful flowers are from a huge gum tree just near our BBQ area. It's about 55ft tall and big droopy branches. It got attacked by some bad bug a few years ago that ate heaps of it's leaves but as you can see it's pretty healthy now, thank goodness.

I have had a busy week. Lots of little bits and pieces to do so although I've been really busy I feel I have not achieved much! Some of the jobs I wanted to do did'nt get done. In particular I really wanted to get some sanding in the living room done. Oh well, hopefully next week!

L and I are off to Melbourne tomorrow. It was his birthday on Wednesday and we're having a little treat. Dinner at my sister Julie's place (yum, she's a great cook!), visit a mate of L's and do a little shopping. Yay! :) C x

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