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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Firetruck dog!

Hello again! My trip to Melbourne was great. It was lovely to see my family and friends. Mum, Julie and I had dinner at a lovely restaurant on Thursday night and I got some great presents! I spent Friday with my gorgeous friend Sally and her divine little baby girl. Dinner with my other super stylish friend Kate. Saturday Julie and I did a little shopping. Then the big trek home.

We are getting organised and packing for our trip north. I am slowly emptying the bedroom so the floor man has full access. The wardrobe moved out yesterday. Today it's the chest of drawers. Ew, so much dust behind and under the furniture.

We need to drench the sheep sometime before we leave and Lyndon has been watering the trees so they will be fully soaked. As you can see from the photo Little Man loves to go along and help!

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