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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Everyone says they love the smell of freshly mown grass, but I love the look of a freshly mown lawn better! It looks so neat and tidy and clean and inviting. All this rain has really made the grass (and weeds!) grow. We have such a big lawn it's a major mowing job, but it's worth it. Here are a couple of garden shots for you. I have no idea what the plant in the white pot is but every year it dies off and grows again later with lots of pretty pink flowers.
I am feeling a little down today....had a bit of a run in with a "friend". What is a true friend? What should you get out of a great friendship and what should you be expected to give? All I know is that everytime I see this friend I come away feeling empty. Anyway, enough of that. Maybe some baking will cheer me up! Cheerio for now.

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