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Saturday, March 6, 2010

My first Blog!

Hello! Is'nt technology amazing?! I am sure this stuff is quite mundane to some people but I find it great. Since starting my etsy and madeit websites I have been reading other sellers profiles and notice most of them have a blog so thought I had better try one myself.
Check out my stuff at and
I live in an old farmhouse on a 750acre farm in the Western District of Victoria, Australia. The little town is approx 4 kms from our house and has a population of about 300 people. It has a little supermarket, a milk bar, a pub, a hardware shop, a post office, a tyre shop, a machinery shop and a rural supplies store. Our nearest "major" town is 50kms north and we are approx 250kms from the thriving city of Melbourne.
I used to live in an inner city suburb of Melbourne and moved here about 6 years ago...I followed my heart and here I am. At first it was pretty hard to adjust to but now I love it! Country people are so different to city people. Everyone knows nearly everyone here, which is good and bad. If you have to go into town and are feeling a little cranky you can't just withdraw and ignore everyone like you can in the city, you have to be nice and friendly because you know everyone and they know you!
People are always dropping in to our place too. They just turn up! It amazes me. Hardly anyone rings first to check if you are home or if you are decent or dressed or happy to have visitors! There goes my nude sunbathing and hanging out in my PJ's all day! I suppose I could pretend I was'nt home and not answer the door but that's not the country way.
My other half is an amazing man. He does all sorts of things but mainly welding, mechanical repairs, fabrication, engineering and servicing. A lot of farmers in the district rely on his skills. He has the most amazing work ethic and standards. I am very proud of him. We are getting married in May! Aww!
Well, I could keep going for ages but I had better go a do some chores. I will write more later.

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