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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


For the last 3 days we have been taking down two old fences that run east-west across part of our place. It will end up making one huge paddock the full length of our property which will make cropping a whole lot easier. It is quite tedious removing the staples and wires etc holding the cyclone and barb on but it's nice being out in the autumn sunshine. Little Basil has been keeping me company and is slowly becoming accustomed to the frequent trips in the noisy old Land Rover. We finally finished removing all of the steel pickets this morning so the last thing to do is clear the mess and collect any rocks. Needless to say my household chores have been neglected and by the time we get in at 6pm I don't really feel like cooking dinner either! Lyndon had to go and rescue someone who's trailer had broken so I've finally got a little time to myself while he fixes it.

Mum flew out for Europe yesterday. She's is going on a river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. My sister Julie is meeting her in London afterwards and they are exploring Ireland for a couple of weeks. Mum is then heading home and Julie is going to visit a friend in France.

Bon Voyage!

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