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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Lyndon made this signpost when he moved to this property 25 years ago. It's getting a bit weather beaten now so I thought I had better take a photo before it falls down.

I am at mum's place in Healesville now. It takes just over 3 hours to get here from our house. Mum and I are going into Hawthorn tomorrow to get her new car serviced and do a little shopping. Tuesday I am spending the day with Sally and her gorgeous daughter Mieka. I am also going to take some of my artworks into a shop to see if they would be interested in buying them. It will be interesting to see what a retailer thinks of them.

We're trying to trap a fox at the moment. One keeps coming over to the house and leaving droppings and scent everywhere and scaring the little dog.

Cheerio for now. C x

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