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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday ....

Hello lovely people,
Don't you just love Sunday's? Even though I am only working part-time at the moment I still think Sunday's are special. It's a day where I know I can do nothing and not feel bad about it! Not that I ever end up doing nothing. Today I have done two loads of washing and mowed our mega lawn, plus a few other bits and pieces. I just went outside to finish raking the lawn clippings and took a few photos for the blog. This flower is from the Aeonium succulent.

Having a lovely day today made up for my disappointing time at the market yesterday. I did not sell one thing! It was obviously just not my day or maybe the wrong type of market for my work. Lots of people stopped and looked and made lovely comments but no sales. I have applied for the Sugar & Spice Children's Market which I think is better suited to my type of artwork. Oh well, we live and learn don't we. At least my super sister Julie sold lots of her biscuits, yay! :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. C ♥

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